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Tile & Grout Cleaning Washington


Floor Tile Cleaning Washington Tyne & Wear

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My name is Karl and I have been cleaning floors in Washington and surrounding areas for 10 years now.

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Everything from regular maintenance cleans to restorative cleans.


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Our Typical Tile Floor Cleaning Process

1 – Pre Cleaning Tile Floor Inspection.

This is to identify your floor type and what work need. Different tile types such as porcelain, ceramic, victorian encaustic tiles, Quarry tiles and terracotta. As well as natural stone such as marble, limestone, travertine, slate and sandstone.

Some floors require just a maintenance clean. Others may require old worn seal stripping off, cleaning then re sealing. In the case of marble and travertine these may need polishing.

2 – All areas Around Your Floor Are Protected.

This is not always necessary but where needed we take every precaution possible to protect your walls, cupboards etc. This is mainly when using aggressive chemicals such as stripping solutions.

3 – Apply Cleaning/Stripping Solution To Your Tile Floor

We have identified your floor type and whether we need to remove old seal or clean. The most suitable cleaning solution is applied to your floor and left to dwell. This starts the process of breaking down old seals and dirt.

4 – Agitation & Cleaning

Having a variety of tile cleaning machines available we can again pick the one most suitable for the job in hand. Which ever floor cleaning machine we choose the aim here is to agitate the cleaning solution and to break down and suspend old seals and dirt.

5 – Dirt Extraction

Now’s the time to remove all that loosened Suspended Dirt and old seal from your floor.

We will either use an industrial wet vac for this or an industrial hot water extraction machine. Sometimes we may use our spinner tool for some high pressure cleaning action.

6 – Spot & Stain Treatment

Often after cleaning there can be some stubborn areas or stains left somewhere.These areas are treated again or specialist stain removers used.Ensuring you get the best possible tile cleaning results.

7 – Floor Rinsing

If we have used our high pressure spinner tool this stage is already taken care of. However we can’t always use the floor spinner tool.

Rinsing your tile & grout further removes the loosened dirt and rinses away any cleaning residues. Rinsing will also bring down the ph level of your floor to where it should be.

8 – Sealing

We have many different floor sealing options available to you to help with maintenance and appearance.

We have impregnating sealers that will not alter the look of your floor. We have colour enhancing sealers and we also have topical seals. Topical seals are a coating for your tile floor and come in mat, satin & gloss.

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