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Carpet Cleaners Washington

Looking for carpet cleaning in Washington from a company that you can trust to give you the best possible results? Great you have come to the right place. My name is Karl and I have been carpet cleaning in Washington and surrounding areas for 10 years now. I’ve seen it all and done it all. Everything from regular maintenance cleans to restorative cleans. Every type of stain odour and spillage you can think of.  

I don’t cut corners…I clean them!

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Our 8 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

1 – Pre Carpet Cleaning Inspection.

This is to identify your carpet fibre type, construction & soiling type. Alot of “carpet cleaners will just throw 1 type of chemical (usually very harsh) at every carpet. This can cause so many problems and they are not always evident till much later.

If you took a look in the back of my van (and you are most welcome), you will be astounded at the ammount of cleaning solutions I carry. I have the solution for every carpet type and soiling condition to give you the best possible long lasting result.

2 – Commercial Grade Hepa Filtration Vacuuming.

Over 80% of soiling in carpets is dry soiling. My commercial grade hoover is guaranteed to remove more dry soil even if you have vacuumed before my visit.

3 – Pre-Spray Your Carpet

Once the most appropriate solution is selected I pre-spray your carpet. This will start to breakdown and suspend the soiling ready to be extracted out and removed from your home.

I will always choose the mildest solution that will get you the best possible results. I have a full range of woolsafe, child & pet safe and anti allergy solutions.

4 – Agitation

Using My orbital floor machine fitted with a soft brush your carpet fibres are gently agitated and massaged. This further helps to loosen & suspend sticky soiling ready for extraction.

The cleaning solution will coat and penetrate the fibres better and work harder.

5 – Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)

Nows the time to remove all that loosened soiling from your carpets. 99% I will use hot water extraction, often refered to as steam cleaning. I get a lot of people ask me “what machine do you use?” This is nearlly always because they have had a bad experience with a so called carpet cleaning company turning up with machines like a vax or rug doctor. I use an Airflex Storm hot water extraction machine. One of the most powerful portable carpet cleaning machines in the UK. The machine you see pictured on this page is what I clean your carpets with. This machine allows me to safely clean deeper into the fibres whilst leaving your carpets as dry as possible.

6 – Spot & Stain Treatment

Any spots & stains remaining after cleaning I will now treat with specialist products and a little bit of stain removal voodoo. What you need to take into account is some staining is actually damage where the fibres have been re dyed. Some staining is permanent that can not be removed from cleaning. However all is not lost, I have advanced stain removal training. No one can guarantee anything when it comes to stain removal, however, what I can guarantee is… If I can’t remove it…No One Can!

7 – Carpet Dryers

Allthough my machine & process will leaver your floor as dry as possible I will also where possible use multiple airmovers to further speed up drying times.

8 – Carpet Grooming

Your carpet is now groomed to remove tool marks and leave your floor looking its best. For More Info On National Carpet Cleaning Standards Click Here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Move Furniture.
In an ideal world al furniture would be removed, but I know this isn’t always possible. Don’t worry too much about about. I do request that any breakables such as vases and ornaments etc. that are on or around your carpet be moved. Anything else that can be safely moved by me I will move. I can safely move most sofas, clean behind and I then put back. When necessary sofas etc are placed on protective blocks or tabs to protect your carpet.  
Is There A Risk My Carpet Will Shrink?
With some carpets…yes! This is why it’s so important to choose a company with the correct training. You can do without that kind of hassle right? I can spot a potential a potential shrinker on my pre inspection. I can then advise and change the carpet cleaning method to avoid any problems.  
Are You Fully Insured?
Absolutely! I have never in 10 years had to use it but for your piece of mind I have a £1 Million pound fully comprehensive insurance policy in place. Please do ask to see it, I won’t be offended in any way. I actually encourage you to ask whoever you choose. Everyone says they are fully insured…but sadly this is not always the case.
Will All The Stains Come Out Of My Carpet?

Unfortunately no one can guarantee this. This depends on carpet fibre, type of stain and any DIY removal attempts.

What I can guarantee though is that using my advanced stain removal training and experience, I will do evrything that is humanly possible

If I can’t get it out…no one can!

In the event of unsuccesful stain removal I can give you a letter for your insurance.


Will My Carpets Get Dirty Quicker After Cleaning?

When cleaned incorrectly…Yes.

Chemical residue left in your carpets, underpowered machines and untrained operatives are the main reasons.

It is actually quite easy to make your floor look clean, but what good is that if your carpets get dirty quicker and your fibres have lost there natural goodness.

I offer a longer lasting safer carpet cleaning.

Safer cleaner solutions and powerful machinery that can safely flush deeper into your carpet.

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